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Actual Iranian girls having amateur sex in their shacks and veiled nymphos taking cocks inside all of their dirty holes.

The book exposes the privileged lives of Damascus’ upper-class residents and the socio-economic tensions that later led to the Syrian revolution.

It also portrays the lives of women, their struggles, and experiences especially in terms of assault, extramarital affairs, homosexuality, and underage sex.

Rajaa al-Sanea is a Saudi writer who gained fame through her 2005 debut novel "Girls of Riyadh." The book gives readers an unprecedented look into life behind the veil.

She is one of the most sexually expressive writers in the Arab world, pushing the boundaries of Arab patriarchy one publication at a time.

Her first non-poetry book, "I Killed Scheherazade: Confessions of an Angry Arab Woman," challenges the widespread image of Arab women in the West by attacking Scheherazade - the virgin protagonist of the famous Middle Eastern folktale: "One Thousand and One Nights."She then published a sequel called "Superman is an Arab" in which she scrutinizes the dominant patriarchal system of the Arab world, stressing the need for a different type of masculinity.

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Middle Eastern babes with tanned breasts and curvy asses who never get tired of sucking cock.

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