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Note from Jen: During one of our K9 Sex Club meetings about 3 months ago, we discussed the surprisingly large number of people we know who have had or do have sexual encounters with dogs.We decided it would be nice if we could get their stories to share at our club meetings and to post on ANIMALSEXFUN.We share quite a lot with each other including our sex lives.During one Skype conversation we started discussing our sex lives again and the topic evolved into a discussion of fetishes.Eva and I weren’t best friends at school but we got on well enough and since we all parted she is one of the few people I still keep in contact with from those days.We usually email each other, chat over Facebook or Skype and are better friends now than we were in high school.

I decided that since he licks them they should be clean so I gave them a wash and tried to act as if it was just part of the process but I got a bit of a surprise.I looked around to see if anyone witnessed what just happened but we seemed to be alone.I composed myself and continued walking with Brute close behind and I kept my eye on him.I was totally surprised but like she said, it was way out there.I called Eva on her cell immediately and told her I had a similar experience.5 years ago I had recently broken off an engagement so I lived alone in my 3 bedroom bungalow house.

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To cut a long story short, I told Eva that I enjoy rough sex and once had a cock in every hole with each guy trying to outdo the other, it was amazing.

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