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The Domain Name System brought a method of distributing the same address information automatically online through recursive queries to remote databases configured for each network, or domain.

Registrars today offer end-user updating to their account information, typically using a web-based form, and the registrar then pushes out update information to other DNS servers.

This, however, broke the end-to-end principle of Internet architecture and methods were required to allow private networks, with frequently changing external IP addresses, to discover their public address and insert it into the Domain Name System in order to participate in Internet communications properly.

Today, numerous providers, called Dynamic DNS service providers, offer such technology and services on the Internet.

Smaller services, however, are generally much more likely to move from host to host over shorter periods of time.

Servers being run on certain types of Internet service provider, cable modems in particular, are likely to change their IP address over very short periods of time, on the order of days or hours.

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This feature required that DNS servers be kept current automatically as well.