Who is nia long currently dating

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Who is nia long currently dating

@dallasmccarver you are my angel, everyday I️ think of you & how you are at my side making me the strongest woman Ever!I’m doing EVERYTHING with a purpose, even tho I️ am smiling everyday & living my life & working, it’s because you always wanted me to do everything to the fullest!A few years back she was a relative unknown who wasn’t able to stand out from a crowd, but now, she’s on the fast track towards the top of the card in the women’s division.Her fiancé, or perhaps former fiancé Michael Lubic, hasn’t been seen in any of her social media posts for quite some time, which leads us to believe that he may now be out of the picture.It’s unclear as to whether or not they’re legitimately married or engaged, but either way, the former NXT tag team champion has certainly landed on his feet.What you’re hearing is the collective sound of millions of hearts breaking in the WWE Universe - but then again, it has been a while since she posted a picture with him.

Unfortunately, we don’t have degrees in detective work so there are going to be a few unknowns thrown in here, but it’s still fun to speculate.

And then God had a plan, a plan that night to have the most amazing angel enter heaven!

I️ will never forget that entire day for the rest of my life!

Solow, who debuted on 205 Live at the start of 2017, is an independent wrestler who is attempting to break his way into the big time.

While things may have been a little bit hit and miss for him as of late, he’s still got one thing that many other male superstars in his position would likely kill to have – and that’s Bayley.

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The name of Fox’s boyfriend hasn’t been revealed on social media unless he is in fact called "stud." Either way they seem to be very loved up, with the guy apparently being a musician of some sort if we’re going to imply from context.

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