Who is jane aldridge dating

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On December 12th as I got ready for our anniversary dinner, I was very happy but also kind of anxious.December held a number of great opportunities for Jeff to propose.We did go to a few jewelry stores and I tried on a lot of really beautiful rings, some vintage and some more modern by some really cool designers.None of the rings we looked at really did anything for me.She started the Sea of Shoes blog in 2007 at the ripe age of fifteen, merely documenting her outfits of the day. She met fashion icon Vivienne Westwood at the SCAD Fashion Show in spring 2015.She co-runs the food blog Tyme Temp with her partner Jeff.

Any of those days would have been excellent choices for a proposal, so I was on pins and needles wondering which it could be. My heart jumped into my throat when he pulled out the(!!! It makes me ridiculously happy every time I look at it.It's the combination of actually owning designer pieces and styling them in a way only a fearless teen can do that truly brings magic to her look.The golden-tressed style star started her blog Sea of Shoes to share her passion for shoes that no one else around her seemed to get."There is a bleakness in Texas that seems to breed larger than life personalities," explains Jane Aldrige, a Trophy Club Texas teenager who pens the personal style blog, Sea of Shoes. Might as well dress up…American Apparel dress and Margiela boots…," she writes in a typical snippet.Like other personal style blogs, the high school student chronicles her daily outfits, wish-lists, and inspirations, but few match her unique sophistication.

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