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Who is guy laliberte dating

Although he casually knew several leading members of the biker gang, he didn’t go out of his way to invite them to his parties.

“Guy wanted to make sure that his parties exuded class and went off without any trouble,” one of Laliberté’s close friends says.

During the party there were rooms available for people to have sex in. But he made them promise to turn a blind eye to what was happening.

“Essentially it was give and take with the police,” journalist Esmond Choueke says.

If he knows a special guest likes Italian wine, he’ll have the most expensive bottles flown in.

These are bottles you’d never be able to get at a liquor store in Montreal.

Everyone’s in a great mood because the sun is out and summer is in the air.Laliberté’s annual Grand Prix party in Montreal every June attracted A-listers from all over the world.The Sunday night after the big Formula One race, Laliberté would host a bash at his sprawling mansion in Saint-Bruno that would usually end up lasting a few days.“He was never one to try to mix with bikers or undesirables.He knew a lot of them, but in Montreal it’s rare to find someone on the party scene who doesn’t have some connection to them.

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I never noticed bikers at his parties; if they were there, they certainly were not wearing leather jackets and leather pants.

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