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As I was fielding these bewildering emails from his ex, I realized SPORTSby BROOKS had linked to my post on Freddie and his workout-addicted girlfriend. 31-year-old Charlotte resident Amy O’Keefe met Couples at the Quail Hollow Championships four months ago and the two have been inseparable since.O’Keefe, who has a three-year-old daughter, is an avid runner who comes from a wealthy family.Last Thursday he took them for a quick drive-by of Jefferson Park, the course that he grew up playing.They also stopped by Alki and went for a walk on the beach.

I did notice a little girl that was with his entourage by the clubhouse every day. I assumed she was his niece or his girlfriend’s daughter.Harrington hadn't fared as well, and he asked what club Couples had hit into the long, par-4 18th hole. Then, not wanting to sound boastful about his still-prodigious length, he added: "The wind changed." Replied the Irishman: "We need to get you on the Champions Tour." That's our Freddy — longer than ever at 49, and just as cool. Gi Gi is at college in Santa Barbara, and Oliver is in high school. I'm off for a month, and I don't expect them to want to see me. If I was 30, I wouldn't say a word, but being 48 I felt like I could speak up, not to harm Rory Sabbatini but to say, "Hey, we all say we've got a gravy train here. We went hunting, and when it was time to hunt, we'd get the shells ready and we'd go. I also took a Ram driver of his wife's and turned it into a 3-wood. But what few people knew at the time was that just two days earlier his estranged wife Thais had lost her battle with breast cancer. Money's gone up because of Tiger and the way he's played. I'm the type of person who goes whenever I happen to get up, but obviously to hunt you get up early in the morning. Thank you for your time, sorry to bother u while you are working- Julie Barnett Sent via Black Berry by AT&T From Me: Sorry, but you have the wrong website. Like I told her, I sympathize with her situation and she seemed like a nice enough lady. You know, minutes after Fred had been on national TV for four hours. ) Thing is, according to this site, these pictures were taken by Reuters with the caption: Former champion Fred Couples (2nd L) walks along a fairway with Julie Barnett (C) following Tiger Woods during third round play at the 2009 Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, April 11, 2009. But now I should probably fear the ex tracking me down and stabbing me with an icepick.I haven’t posted a picture or your name…Why aren’t you allowed to talk about him? Couples played in the tournament, but failed to make the cut. I was showing some people in the media room the picture and two people said that the woman in the Nike hat looked like Elin.

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