What is an accomodating female

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What is an accomodating female

Hopefully, with the custom option, we will be able to accommodate a wider range of gorgeous ladies. For decades, female firefighters in Long Beach had to change in hallways and use portable toilets outside the station because the city refused to provide the women with their own facilities – until engineer Karen Rindone made a federal case out of it.

Of course, I had no sewing knowledge or design experience. (Winter coats are an issue.) I have what the Piratical Boyfriend calls a "Ghetto Bootie" and the rest of my family calls a "Mediterranean Ass" (say that with a Greek accent for full effect).Then, when I was about 24, through diet, exercise, hard work and a lot of tears, I lost 20 pounds. In the years after that, I have kept losing weight, bringing my total loss to 70 pounds. Sometimes I cant get jeans to go up past my thighs.I don't want you to think that I lost all this weight, and BOOM clothes fit properly. As Angela put it once, "Wow, you have a tiny waist." Do the math.I am now at what seems to be a reasonable weight for me.I still think I could stand to lose more weight (doesn't everyone? I am currently dieting, something I do a few times a year.

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I will not get into actual numeric figures, but I generally take a size 14 jeans and either a large or x-large in tops.