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She has trouble keeping up her tsundere persona when customers are discussing video games, feeling the need to join in.She is currently the most popular waitress at Stile.

Depending on how your computer is configured, the document will open as a PDF file, either in a new browser window or as a free-standing file.High school girl Maika Sakuranomiya has trouble finding a part-time job because of how scary she looks when smiling.However, she is scouted one day by an Italian man who is also the manager of Stile, a café where its waitresses are given unique traits such as tsundere and younger sister.Maika is given a sadistic trait because of her looks and has to adopt a dominant and cruel persona when servicing customers, particularly masochist ones.Maika is a 16-year-old girl who despite having a positive and cheerful personality, unintentionally gains a sadistic look in her eyes whenever she smiles.

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