Vebcams online lt

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Vebcams online lt

The only online course taught by a former United States Secret Service Agent.

If you have been thinking about getting your Texas License to Carry, this online course is the fastest and most flexible way to do just that for only .

The recordings here are done in Web Ex’s built-in ARF format, so you may need to get the free player from Web Ex to watch them.

Most people use Web Ex with “canned” content like Power Point or Acrobat.

Eventually we plan to integrate this into a classroom here at the NVC, but in the near term this will be in the NVC Resource Center so that people can spend some time with it and test it out. Many faculty like to work with a document camera since it allows them to face out to the classroom and it has a familiar tactile feel since you are writing on paper, unlike writing on a tablet screen.

We did some tests with different software and Web Ex using the Cintiq22.

The first test was using Power Point, and adding to slides using the Power Point annotation tools.

When plugged into the computer, it acts as both an external monitor and a USB pointing device.

The image below shows the Cintiq plugged into a Mac Book and the Cintiq is set as the primary monitor.

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The monitor comes with a pen that has a smooth nib on one end and a smooth plastic eraser on the other end.