Vanwyngarden dating

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Vanwyngarden dating

might not usher in a new era of chart-topping hits for MGMT, but it appears to be the duo’s intention to move their music back underground, trading in chart-topping pop sensations for unexpected pieces of hyper-modern art.

Kirsten Dunst dates musician who dated her ex's ex Right, Kirsten Dunst is dating MGMT frontman Andrew Vanwyngarden, who used to date Fabiola Gatti, the on-off girlfriend of Kirsten's ex Johnny Borrell. And her new man has the same taste as Johnny as he has been linked with one of Johnny's exes.

I want to get rid of my Facebook, but Tinder won't work without it. But I image a future where you go to the bank and they say, "You can't access your account unless you have Candy Crush." The interconnectivity of things is getting ridiculous, especially when things like toasters are starting to have Bluetooth in them.

A source said: "Kirsten met Andrew at a gig in New York in July and set her sights on him then.The duo, composed of Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, began creating music together while undergraduates at Wesleyan before rising to unexpected fame when Columbia Records signed them in 2006.Their first album, , became an instant sensation on the indie charts, and the band seems to have spent the past 10 years recovering from such commercial success.I appreciate Van Wyngarden and Goldwasser’s continued resistance to popular standards of indie pop, and the extent to which they write songs in response to the present cultural climate.Much of the album doesn’t make for light-hearted background music, but is artistically exciting and valuable nonetheless.

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This song broadens the scope of its criticism beyond dating-apps themselves, speaking to larger issues of gender norms and beauty standards.

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