Updating your database development skills

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Updating your database development skills

Armed with the knowledge and experience to write and install computer programs and debug software issues, database administrators are the people who help companies of any size set up, maintain, and secure large volumes of information.

Imagine what you can do by gaining real-world, hands-on experience in database administration.

The best part of my job is that I am able to perform various IT tasks including database management, coding, HTML, and project management." If you love the idea of building or administering system databases for an organization, and have the desire to learn more about computer software, focusing on database administration will give you a chance discover what you enjoy most.

If you're already in a role that allows you to play with technology and learn about software programming and databases, obtaining advanced education and hands-on experience can give you the boost you need to help you seek advancement in your current company or help you transition into a new company.

As a DBA, you'll also focus on monitoring and maintaining a high level of system performance.

Database administrators are responsible for performing regular system backups so no data is lost during a power outage or other type of disaster.

In decreasing order of importance, they are: protect the data, protect the data, and protect the data." As a DBA, your first responsibility is always going to be to maintain the integrity of the company's data - because even if a database is fast and accessible, it's useless if the data being accessed is distorted.

In an entry-level role, you'll work closely with managers to learn about the type of data to collect, the form the data should be stored in, and how to make the data available for exporting into reports, for example.

"The more solutions I learned were available the more I was interested in exploring their usage," she said.

With her information technology degree with a concentration in database administration, Tofteroo found a job that uses her skills and is helping her to learn new ones.

She said, "I have an amazing job as an application consultant with an innovative software company.

"Definitely explore all of the options available," Tofteroo said. The deeper your understanding, the more enjoyable the classes will be." As a DBA, your ever-expanding knowledge will help you troubleshoot issues as they arise by learning how to identify the problem and learning how to correct it without losing data.

As a DBA, you won't be bored if you enjoy solving problems or puzzles particularly in regard to learning how data is collected, processed, reported and maintained.

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You'll also work to ensure that the data being captured is reliable, error-free and available at any time.

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