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Updating to service pack 2

Once Sybase database upgrade is complete, you can reset Allow Select into Bulkcopy to false for the WEBLOGIC Portal database, as shown in Listing 6-2.Listing 6-2 Resetting Allow Select into Bulkcopy Option in Sybase After you install a new service pack that includes portal library updates, you must update the libraries in the applications you have developed. To update your application libraries Note: Before you begin, ensure that Web Logic Workshop 8.1 SP3 is running. If you choose not to update a Web project's libraries with the dialog box, you can update the Web project later by right-clicking the Web project directory in the Application window and choosing Install To apply the service pack library updates to portal applications already deployed in production, redeploy those applications after you have updated them in Web Logic Workshop. On the License Terms page, review the license terms, select I accept the License Terms, and then click Next. Run the following command in the Exchange Management Shell: Mailbox. In the result pane, click the Database Management tab, and then right-click the mailbox database whose copy you want to activate. In the action pane, click Activate a Database Copy. On the Activate a Database Copy page, click Browse to select the server you updated. Select the desired setting for the automatic database mount dial setting on the selected server. Click Move to activate the selected passive copy of the database to the updated server. On the Completion page, review the following, and then click Finish to close the wizard.Jedná se o souhrn všech doposud vydaných aktulizací od aktualizace Service Pack 1 pro Windows 7 do května 2016.Takže stačí po nové instalaci nebo reinstalaci Windows 7 doinstalovat SP1 a následně SP2 = aktualizaci KB3125574 a máte téměř vyhráno.

If you use Sybase and do not make the required database parameter changes before running the upgrade scripts, they will fail and could cause upgrade difficulties.This topic provides instructions for applying service pack 3 (SP3) changes to your portal applications after you install that service pack.For instructions on installing service packs, see Installing Service Packs and Rolling Patches in the Web Logic Platform at: Service.cmdset-dbenvset Domain Envset Domain Env QSstart Managed Web Logicstart Managed Web Logic QSstart Point Base Consolestart Point Base Console QSstart Web Logicstart Web Logic QSstop Managed Web Logicstop Managed Web Logic QSstop Web Logicstop Web Logic QSuninstall Service.cmdwebapp Compilewebapp Compile QS If you use Web Logic Integration's Smart Update, it should take care of modifying environment variables when SP3 is installed in a different directory.This was, for example, necessary for Windows NT service packs; however, from Windows 2000 onwards, Microsoft redirected setup programs to use updated service pack files instead of files from original installation media in order to prevent manual reinstalls.So, if you missed some updates, or just installed the OS, and now you have to bother with installing all these updates, this tool will get you covered.

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See Creating a New Web Logic Domain at: Note: Web Logic Server should be shut down while performing steps to upgrade the existing database schema Complete the following steps to make your Web Logic Platform 8.1 SP2 database schema 8.1 SP3-compliant: columns will be expanded from Varchar(40) to Varchar(80) when running SP3 database upgrade scripts for all databases other than Point Base.

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