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Posted by / 06-May-2020 15:21

Updating time zones fatal error

This morning I noticed that the clock in Windows 10’s taskbar was showing incorrect time.At first, I thought the incorrect time is because of changed time zone but later on found that the time zone settings were also perfect.When airplane mode is turned off on both the watch and the phone, then the watch should get the new location and adjust the time zone.I am new to the Apple watch (series 2) and have only had it for a couple of days.I'm still traveling and my i Phone is still crashing on processor intensive apps like Face Time, or even taking photos.In fact, The Apple Watch app freezes when I launch it.Benefit there is I have both Hawaii and Bangkok timezones - Hawaii is the main time, and Bangkok is the a smaller display.

I know this may be a bit late but I had the same problem after travelling to a new time zone - my i Phone 6S Plus updated automatically but my Watch did not. automatically change on the watch (because they can't communicate).

I've tried several things including turning BT on/off, did not work.

Did a quick reset on the Apple Watch, did not work.

After reading this thread and not finding an answer as I also followed the steps, I decided to "Power Off" the watch and turn it back on. The watch will not reflect the time-zone change until you manually turn "airplane mode" off on the watch too (swipe up to the control center, and tap the airplane mode icon).

So, before rebooting, check the airplane mode setting on the watch.

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I am sure the developers will be looking for a better fix here I am having this same problem with my new Series 3.