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Nowhere in the Franchise Mode menus will you find any options for viewing or setting Gameplans.There are no scouting reports of opposing teams for you to use to help construct your Gameplan, and there is no practice mode in which to evaluate your Gameplan.A default-length game of 7-minute quarters takes half an hour.And a full-length 15-minute-quarter game can be completed in less than an hour.This isn’t really the fault of the Game Flow system, rather it is a problem with the Accelerated Clock, as the Accelerated Clock disables itself within 2 minutes of the end of a half.This is an absolutely stupid decision by the developers, as it makes two-minute drills way too easy.An in-game save would have also helped make full-length games more practical for those of us who still may not have a full hour to devote for one continuous game. The big problem with Game Flow, though, is that the game is still pseudo-randomly picking plays from a short list that you’ve pre-selected (or which the game has pre-generated).And you have no idea what that play is going to be until after you’ve committed to running it, since the game asks you -- before showing you the play -- if you would like to use Game Flow (the Gameplanned play selected by the AI) or open the full playbook.

Game Flow’s final sin is that it is completely absent from the game’s Franchise Mode.But for those of us who are long-time players, or who know the game of football, the removal of all decision-making is a bit of a slap in the face.Other issues make Game Flow seem like it simply wasn’t very well thought-out.When the Game Flow system asks you if you want to kick a field goal on fourth down, it also doesn’t bother to show you the wind direction or distance of the kick, which are both incredibly useful pieces of information to have at your disposal when deciding whether to send your kicker onto the field.Additionally, despite there being a "Run out the Clock" situation on offense, I have yet to see it be implemented in a game.

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