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Updating airline technology needed

Airlines and airports are stepping up to deliver the investment needed to ensure secure and easy travel for passengers, with 71 percent of airlines and 77 percent of airports planning major programs or research and development in biometric ID management, according to research by SITA.

The SITA 2018 Air Transport IT Insights shows that identity verification at self-service check-in kiosks is used in 41 percent of airports, and 74 percent plan to have deployed the technology by the end of 2021.

Blockchain can help the industry to ensure that these records are virtually recorded.

Ensuring that every information regarding the procurement of the parts of the aircraft, the maintenance history, person who has handled the maintenance, modifications that were done etc. Right now one of the most obvious applications of these technologies can be expected to be seen in the airport space where the airport experience can be enhanced with the help of AR/VR based apps.

We have already seen great success where we have implemented it at airports across the world.“As the research shows, integration causes challenges and the variety of legislative demands can be daunting for airlines and airports,” Dalibard continues. Honk Kong International Airport (HKIA) has announced the launch of new biometric self-service e-Security gates in its Terminal 1, reports.

“To deliver a seamless passenger experience, we must all collaborate – airlines, airports, governments and industry suppliers – and use technology to automate, and even eliminate, tedious processes. The airport plans to deploy 44 of the gates by the first quarter of 2019, to provide superior document checking accuracy and reduce the time necessary for the process to 20 seconds.

Blockchain technology’s ability of enhanced reconciliation and exchange of data can benefit the airline’s industry in a myriad of ways like: Identity Management – Blockchain technology can make the identity management system for airlines much simpler and hassle-free compared to the current biometric system.

Throughout the journey, the flyer might have to download a minimum of 3-4 apps for a complete digital experience like an app for car rental, airline app of to and fro destination, hotel etc.

Taking the discussion further, in this article we will look at the emerging technologies which are digitally transforming the airline industry and paving the way for the future of a digitally transformed and customer-centric airline industry.

A blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a shared list of data or records; it can be financial transactions or the supply chain records in a manufacturing company etc.

are recorded in real-time, virtually and is accessible to relevant people when the records need to be accessed. Some airports have already taken the lead in delighting their customers with the use of these technologies like: – The Gatwick airport uses AR to help passengers navigate the complex layout of the airport, and London City Airport has installed AR tech to help air traffic controllers with the vital job of keeping planes safe.

All these details available at the right time without the chances of any error can improve the practice of maintenance, security and safety to new levels. Image source: Image source: Recently the Heathrow airport, one of them busiest airports in the world embraced AR technology to alleviate kids’ experience at the crowded airport.

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Another example of AR technology enhancing the airport experience is San Jose International Airport partnering with the Google Tango team for a trial of augmented reality technology in wayfinding, through airport retail promotions and even AR billboards displaying destination information.