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One such customization is Report Groups that lets you highlight the line items that you want your audience to focus on while removing other unnecessary detail.Jirav takes care of making sure that the numbers always add up while you can focus on the story that you want to tell.VA Actuals algorithmically surface the most comparable adjusted and estimated actuals from sell side models and is available via the Options panel under ”Sources.” How do VA Actuals work?Based on the information available for each data point, we choose the number that best represents the latest value for each historical period using the following logic.We use the OData feed to access our data and these unidentifiable GUIDs meant we couldn't join and compare the actuals data in the assignments tables and timesheets tables to ensure data is copied successfully to the assignments tables (and therefore reflected accurately in the corresponding MS Project file).Microsoft rectified this issue with a patch in Sept 2016 so it no longer occurs but we want to be able to check our historical data is correct and accurate.

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Has anyone else had this problem or been able to overcome/address it? MISMATCH ISSUE: This leads to problem number 2; because of our lack of trust in the data we now monitor things much closer in order to maintain management's trust in the reported information.

What we are observing is that timesheets actuals aren't consistently published/copied across to the assignments tables / MS Project files.

In most cases this happens, but there are instances where the values don't copy across.

Looking at this problem in detail, I've determined the problem occurs during the following actions and Microsoft have verified the system is designed to do the following: 1.

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I've been working with the Microsoft Cloud Escalation Team for almost four months to resolve an issue we've been having with the Timesheets functionality in Project Online since we started using the product almost 3 years ago.