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Twdating com

But thanks to bpm suite, the implementation to do these operations are all already in place and if we give simple syntax which we use with simple types it will do the job.

Here a some of the operations which I would like to illustrate in this post. Comparing dates is as simple as comparing two integers.

in newdate everything is ok but the to ISOString() throws it back to the original time again...

Can anybody help me get the local time in iso from the Twitterdate formatted as: Thu, 0000 This date function below achieves the desired effect without an additional script library.

If I want to do something as simple as setting a variable to one month from today, I need a big ugly mess that looks something like this: Even then, I can never remember if that will work properly when I'm going from December to January or going from the 31st of the month to a month with less than 31 days. It provides a multitude of date formats and significantly simplifies date manipulation.I'd love for the writers to have her maybe mature a bit and learn that you don't need dating to be happy, you can be happy on your own.Many a time during our development, we need to calculate the time zone offset (time difference) between two different time zones during the date manipulations.If you used the above method to create your own date type, the date validation javascript will expect to see the date in the format "MM/dd/yyyy" and will now fail whenever someone uses this coach control to change a date.You'll now need to perform the extra step of setting this property to the custom date format of "MM/dd/yyyy" as shown in the following screenshot.

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