Top 15 dating sims and visual novels problems with consolidating student loans

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Top 15  dating sims and visual novels

I was looking for a dating sim that had english audio but it seems that there aren't any good ones.I then looked for dating sims with english interface and I still could only find Key visual novels and the very few that were on steam. It just has a puzzle element to the game unlike most dating sims where you simply just choose the dialogue.Just browse VNDB sometime, you can browse english-translated VNs, so it's easy to find something.Katawa Shoujo is a pure visual novel, it doesn't have any dating sim gameplay.I just got into dating sims (I watched the world god only knows and wanted to play them).The only one I played is Huniepop which idk if it even classifies as a dating sim.

Dating-sims = some reading plus gameplay based on stats, earning money, buying presents etc.. VNDB is focused mainly on VNs, though it has some VN/dating sim hybrids as well.I was wondering if anyone knew any good dating sims (other than Key's visual novels). Unfortunately, Huniepop is probably the ONLY good English-voiced dating sim you'll find.Compared to others, Huniepop got universal acclaim because of well, you played the game so you know.There's also a former translator from Aksys who is now at IFI who seems to be the person who spearheaded them bringing across Hakuouki on the PSP and is still a big fan, hence why they're now being handled by IFI themselves. While im sure theres cultural causes to it to some degree, i feel the market is just bigger for women.Personally im not even attracted to men, but i find most dating sims with female interests to be extremely boring or poorly written. I'd love more yuri stuff but the fanbase for yuri is incredibly picky about things, and normal galge is somehow not as popular than either unless it already established itself.

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q=&fil=lang-en.plat-psv&rfil=&s=title&o=a Here is a list of all visual novels available for the ps vita and have an english translation.

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