Temptation dating com

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Temptation dating com

Splitting up to date and live life among 24 sexy singles, the couples will have to figure out if they're stronger together or ready to move on forever.

If you thought Season 1 was hot and heavy, the network teased, just wait for the Season 2 couples!

There are many international versions however, including a revamped US incarnation which has scored record-breaking ratings for its network.

Thursday, USA Network dropped its first drama-filled trailer for the second season of the dating reality show, introducing fans to the couples ready to explore temptation — for better or worse.The last four years of bingeing on RHOA are finally going to pay off.When I'm not watching TV or writing about it, working out, travelling, and being a mum to two dogs fills the rest of my time.Unfortunately, if you miss an episode of the 11-episode series E! However, you can watch the episodes online via The four brave couples taking part in Temptation Island are Javen and Shari, John and Kady, Karl and Nicole, and Evan and Kaci.The couples are placed in separate parts of the island – one for the men and one for women.

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