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Teen cyber dating stats

As well as financial losses, fraud can leave people feeling violated and ashamed.” The most common type of fraud was bank and credit card cons, followed by online shopping scams.Viruses accounted for 70 per cent of computer misuse offences, with the rest involving unauthorised access to personal information. consumer group, said: “With cyber-crime increasingly sophisticated, even the savviest people can be scammed.Sally, 61, of Wellesbourne, Warwicks said: “An operator from a call centre in India said my computer would crash because a Microsoft warranty had expired. They rang back to say it had not gone through and I authorised another.“Next day I learned that they had removed two lots of £120 and a further £754. I felt an utter fool.” TOP TIPS: SOFTWARE security expert Pete Turner said: “Don’t reply to emails, give bank details or transfer money before checking, or open file attachments from unknown senders.” WHAT IS IT?

CASE STUDY: Company director John Dawe, 50, found he had been the victim of identity fraud after receiving demands for payment from a mobile company he did not use.

The shock statistics mean at least one in ten of the population falls victim every year and the crime is double previously reported levels.

Last night City of London Police, who run the national Action Fraud reporting centre, warned every neighbourhood and community was being hit.

It suggested there were 6.3 million other types of crime committed in the 12 months to March, down six per cent on the previous year.

There were an estimated 3.8 million frauds and two million computer misuse crimes. Steve White, leader of the rank-and-file Police Federation, said: “We have been saying for years that the true extent of the changing nature of crime was being ignored.” Victim Support chief executive Mark Castle said: “There is a clear need for strong awareness-raising campaigns.

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