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I didn't get any students wearing Niqab, I always made it clear that I would allow any such students to attend my lectures, but so far, I haven't had to do that.Many prominent Egyptian and Arab intellectuals have voiced their rejection of this phenomenon including the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni, the journalist Jihad El-Khazen, the actor Hussein Fahmy, the billionaire businessman Najuib Sawiris, and others.When actress Abeer Sabri took off her hijab, one rabid lawyer filed a suit asking for the implementation of religious punishment of cutting her arms and legs!

To traffic-worn Washingtonians, an island devoid of cars is a very beautiful thing.The wildlife area home to the lake spans Virginia and North Carolina is a whopping 111,200 acres.Be sure to take the Washington Ditch Trail and snap photos of the cypress trees emerging from Lake Drummond’s dark waters (stained amber by tannic acid). If a barista and a mixologist were to marry, these ruins of an abandoned renaissance faire would be the painfully cool backdrop for their wedding photos amiright? From the moment I set foot at the airport, I realized how deep Egypt has changed!In 2008, it's not only Hijab we're talking about, but rather Niqab!!

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Unfortunately, Satchidananda is best known for the protests against him at Woodstock for serious allegations, but the $2 million, hippy dippy lotus dome he conceived of is a real looker.

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