Silverface fender champ amp dating chart

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Silverface fender champ amp dating chart

Completely original and unmodified, pots dated 1957, tuners work well, pickup measures 6.0 k Ohms. With its original hang-tag and cover, this factory stock Tweed 5F1 Fender Champ is a pretty special little amp.

This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).The 6V6 powered amp offered about 16 watts through a Jensen 12” Al Ni Co speaker, foot-switchable tremolo, two channels, and small cabinet.Its tone is all Gibson, though, with bite and edginess, a hard tremolo cut, and much color shaping with a turn of the tone control.This example is in exquisite condition, and has just been well serviced. Among the most rare and sought after Gibson amps, the tweed GA-77 is incredibly dynamic and present.All original parts included, 100% original before service. With a beefy and fast attack, a good amount of clean headroom, 15 inch speaker bigness, and mid-volume-level break up, the Vanguard is a perfect gigging amp.

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The kit includes all Made in USA transformers, a High Quality Handmade in USA turret board, High Quality Carbon Comp Resistors, and Sprague Orange Drop or Mallory 150 Series capacitors, our 5F2 champ power transformer or Laydown Dual Voltage transformer (see dropdown menu), TF103 Output Transformer, Replacement Filter Capacitor, Belton sockets: two 8pin sockets (6V6,5Y3), one 9 pin socket (12AX7), CTS and Alpha potentiometers, two 250k potentiometers (Tone Controls), one 1M potentiometer (Volume Control), Three Chicken Head knobs, Switchcraft Jacks, Carling Switch, Fuse Holder, Lamp Holder & Jewel, & Power Cord.