Shanzer dating the baptism of clovis

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Shanzer dating the baptism of clovis

Miracles, Martyrs, and Arians: Gregory of Tours' Sources for His Account of the Vandal Kingdom.

Latin-Frankish Bilingualism in Sixth-Century Gaul: the Latin of Clovis, in Bilingualism in Ancient Society: Language Contact and the Written Word, ed.

Hlodoveh je bio sin Hilderika I, merovinškog kralja salijskih Franka, i Bazine, tiringijske princeze.

Godine 481, kad je imao petnaest godina, Hlodoveh je nasledio svog oca.

Frerichs and C Mc Cracken-Flesher (Chico, CA: Scholars Press, 1985) 473-497. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History (Lincoln Univ. The Roman and Frankish Roots of the Just Price of Medieval Canon Law. The Rogation Ceremonies of Late Antique Gaul: Creation, Transmission and the Role of the Bishop. Ridicule, Insults and Abuse in Ammianus and Gregory of Tours.

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Clovis, Gregory of Tours, and pro-Merovingian Propaganda.