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Therefore, if you forget your password, you will lose the ability to read your existing emails.If you reset your password but later remember your old password, then it is possible to restore your emails by following the steps here.Here you can manage all email accounts on your domain.If you don't have access to the Control Panel, please contact our support or your site administrator for more information. If you don’t have a Google account or if don’t want to log in to You Tube just for watching a video clip that has been flagged as potentially NSFW by other viewers on You Tube, here a trick – switch to the full screen mode.All you You Tube video URL look something like this: If you replace “watch” in the You Tube URL with “watch_popup,” the adult only video will immediately play inside your browser screen without any restrictions.

If you have forgotten your webmail password, you can change it in the Control Panel under Mail Administration.

If you forget your Login or Mailbox passwords and reset either of them, your existing emails will become unreadable and your account will revert to one-password mode.

However, if you know your Mailbox password or remember it later, you can restore your encrypted Mailbox by following the instructions on this page.

You will then be shown a warning message informing you that resetting your password is permanent and will render all encrypted messages in your inbox permanently encrypted.

This means that you will be able to see the emails in your Mailbox and their metadata (sender, subject, etc.).

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If you forgot your Login password, click on the “Need help” button. (Those resetting their Mailbox password will skip this step.) On the reset password page, enter your username and recovery email and click on the “Reset password” button.

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