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Lucia: Unless you see her out with a younger man, either in person or on social media, the only way to really find out is to ask her out.

There isn’t really an age difference that Cougars find acceptable, if it’s just casual, however they do prefer over 21 generally.If a Cougar is looking for a long term relationship, she usually prefers no more than a 10-15 year age difference.Lucia: Keep in mind you’re not dealing with a “girl” in her 20s, but an older woman who wants to be respected.However, the way to find out will either be to ask her directly what she’s looking for, or by her actions.If she doesn’t want to go out with you, and prefers to meet up at either her place or yours, then she’s looking for something casual.

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The main disadvantages can be immaturity, especially if they are under 25.

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