Russian womens sex

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Russian womens sex

Most Russians have small salaries, there is red tape, corruption and ill-mannered bosses.

Over 10,000 personal ads of beautiful Russian brides.So some prejudices inherited from previous generations still exist today (especially, in small towns):- Women have their erogenic zones on their breasts, men – on the penis;- People are allowed to make love only in the dark;- Most married couples consider the doggy style position indecent, and if a woman agrees to do that, she is considered a whore;- If a woman agrees to perform oral sex on a man, she is the worst woman of all. To put it in a nutshell, the penis is the most principal thing about a man.If a husband asks his wife for an act of oral love, their marriage can end in divorce;- A woman will never dare to ask a man to perform oral sex on her; - Anal sex is considered absolutely outrageous: respectable men and women to do act like that; - All bad things come from masturbation. The majority of Russian men believe that the longer and thicker their manhood is the better.If these methods do not help, a woman can always have an abortion, because Russian laws are very liberal at this point. Young women are ready to have sex even with me, a 58-year old man.” This is a typical phrase that one can hear from a foreign man during his stay in Russia. They want to know how foreigners differ from others.Russian women have abortions ten times more often than women from Western countries do. Russian women prefer most African-Americans and Arabs.

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This reluctance apparently comes from the Soviet times when condoms were of a bad quality, uncomfortable and highly unreliable.

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