Radiological dating of fractures

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Radiological dating of fractures

Medical personnel must be skilled in recognizing injuries that are often intentionally inflicted.

Rib fractures make up between 5% and 27% of all skeletal injuries in abused children.

All 3 infants with fractures from accidental injury had sustained notable trauma (a motor vehicle collision, a forceful direct blow, and a fall from a height).

A thorough clinical and imaging evaluation is mandatory.

Child abuse has become widely recognized since the 1960s with a national incidence of nearly 1 million confirmed cases each year.

Charts were then reviewed by 2 senior investigators (C. These included injuries attributable to shaken baby syndrome, such as subdural hemorrhages or retinal hemorrhages, unexplained internal injuries, or other fractures considered specific for abuse.

Child abuse was also diagnosed whenever there had been a confession by the perpetrator.

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The purpose of this study was to determine the causes and clinical presentations of rib fractures in infants Methods.

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