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One has to remember though, that their power depends on the level of intimacy between the protagonist and their female companion, as well as on the "mother's" abilities.Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child offers manga-style visuals, but apparently, the creators were not focused on quality when working on this aspect.The game is an improved version of the independent game created by Makoto Kedouin and originally released in 1996.Corpse Party takes place in a high school building that was built on the ruins of an old grade school in which a terrible and mysterious crime has occurred.PSP offered great performance (especially in comparison with its size) and many multimedia features.At the beginning of 2012 it was succeeded by Play Station Vita.Along with thirteen female companions, he sets out on a mission to defeat evil.The game offers a three-dimensional environment and focuses on talking to other characters, exploring the game world and fighting the enemies encountered.

The story has several different endings that depend on the choices made by the player.

He is accepted to an elite high school despite the fact that he cannot remember what he did to earn that honor.

During one of the school trips the class of the protagonist is imprisoned on a tropical island.

PSP Adventure 21 February 2013 The Fruit of Grisaia is a PC-based visual novel adventure.

We play the role of a teenage killer, who starts school full of pupils with dark secrets.

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Players take on the role of a masked man suffering from amnesia, who ends up in a small village.