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Plus one guest dating

Make sure that you greet the bride and groom, and engage in some meaningful chitchat at some point during the event.

Most especially, don’t do anything you will regret in the morning. While every couple is different, by following the above tips you’ll be sure to maintain the respect of the bride and groom while also ensuring that you (and your plus-one) will have an amazing time.

To help you navigate these tricky waters, here are some general rules to follow.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you were considering take a date anyway if you weren’t offered one—don’t.

We’re constantly told about the misery of attending a wedding alone and the difficulty of determining if you have a plus one.

While it might be tempting to write “ 1” and on the RSVP card and figure out who you will bring later, a wedding deserves more attention and respect than that.

After all, the couple is paying for your plus one’s meal and possibly drinks.

This assumption is so common that even etiquette doyens like Martha Stewart often dish out advice on how to deal with the fallout and still keep the friendship.

Yet, our survey revealed that the majority of Canadian singles don’t actually want a plus one invitation.

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However, our new study has revealed that singles’ attitudes towards weddings are changing: so much so that it's time to rewrite the rules of wedding guest etiquette.