Play dating game improv

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Play dating game improv

There are literally 100's of improv games and these are some of the most popular that we present in our shows.This page describes how to play each game and offer free examples and video clip examples.The song finishes by everybody repeating the final line by the last player. This improv is great for getting audience members on stage.Two actors perform a scene and two audience volunteers are seated on each side of the stage.

Two players attempt to create a scene, but they can only move their eyes and mouths.

Players act out the event by recreating mini scenes to a modern dance or ballet. The MC asks the audience for a variety of theatre and film styles (horror, suspense, action, romantic comedy, etc) Two players start off the scene in no particular style.

From time to time the MC will say "freeze" and give the actors one of the suggested styles.

Watch our A capella choral song weaving a series of audience suggestions.

Each player is given an initial statement (usually a newspaper headline).

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Once all four player have reached a steady rhythm as a group the first player steps downstage and raps four lines about the suggsted subject in the format of AA/BB.