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“Alone we go fast, together we go far.” If you want to text me, I’m at 917-444-9557.

If they will make it happen, this is very exciting news from the San Diego Comic-Con!

Read this excerpt from an article appeared on the website Boom Tron: The San Diego Comic-Con continues and brings with it rumors and hints from Covert Affairs star Piper Perabo about a possible guest appearance from Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey.

I think some people's brains are just wired that way if you're a thinker. The world could be breaking up and they're saying, 'Everything's fine!

' Getting older and having kids, you learn how to become less serious about it all." “If I was to stop and think about dating, I don’t know how that could be managed with the schedule I’ve had. But if I want to get involved in something, I want to pay attention to it, and I want to nurture it." According to Pedro, it takes a certain amount of emotional and physical energy to make your better half happy -- too big of an ask for someone like him who doesn't have a minute to spare.

Along with their seven-year-old daughter Teddy, the smitten duo resides in the United Kingdom.

Like Lena, her husband also works in the film industry.

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