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There are only a couple times where one girl might get jealous (For example that Yukiko scene above) But nothing was lost. And don't stress about one character only being your friend. Link level 10 if you choose not to be girlfriend with someone?

To me, Chie would make a better boyfriend than a girlfriend, if you know what I mean. : POnce Yukiko screwed up my Sunday with Ai, I regretted getting romantically involved with her. Link level 10 if you choose not to be girlfriend with someone? I haven't seen that character around since I refused girlfriendhood to her.2. " "Dating" grants the same benefits a platonic relationship, but has a couple extra scenes later in the game where you hang out in your room.

Is it possible to date everyone with no overlapping relationships and still max all links? If I choose not to date someone, does the social link follow a completely different route? An upgrade from 3 to 4 was allowing you to date anyone at any time. 3 IIRC would put you on a reverse path if you cheated.

Also, when I say this I mean in terms of limiting the links.

And also, I got my social link with Chie up to Level 9 and it gave me the option to ask her to become my girlfriend, I said the other thing but will I get another chance to ask her? If you choose to deny the opportunity like you did with Chie, however, you don't get a second chance; they just become close platonic friends at that point.

Or should I just forget about that and try the other girls?

Man this is to much pressure, I gotta go play LBP or something x D"So bottom line here, should I have multiple girlfriends?

I subjest to go with Rise, since she give you a 50% SP itme.

"As I can tell there 0 retribution for having multiple girlfriends, the close thins that you get are set event that pop up now end then, the only factor there is how strong is the social link.

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I mean, I liked Yukiko more anyway but I kinda wanna see what happens when you have multiple girlfriends? "Yeah, in the context of the game, being "intimate" is the equivalent to having them be your girlfriend, so Yukiko is indeed that.