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Otk dating definition

OTK, One Turn Kill Deck: A Deck whose list includes a combination of cards that when played from hand in a single turn can deal damage equal to or higher than the total starting health of the opponent, or that destroys the opponent immediately with a card effect.(Think of the Four Horsemen from Paladins, or Exodia in Yu-Gi-Oh) It is a deck which can, in every single game, achieve this condition.I've been playing card games for almost two decades, this definition is obvious to me because of that, and as someone who solely looks into decks in this site if they are OTK decks, since I check them just to see if someone came upon an OTK condition that I haven't thought of myself, it is annoying that half of the decks I click on, are labelled incorrectly.As such, I'll just leave here the definition of an OTK deck for people to check, hopefully to prevent people from continuing to label decks incorrectly. If you have any additional definitions of OTK that should be on this list, or know of any slang terms that we haven't already published, click here to let us know!

Some people search decks solely for specific purposes, like me with OTKs.It is annoying when half of the decks I check do not provide what they say they will provide. Edit: Due to replies I think I should point out, an OTK Deck needs to be able to output the 30 Damage and be able to direct it, target it to the opponent's Hero.That doesn't mean it will be able to do so every game, since the opponent has agency and can play something like Taunts, but the deck is required to be able to assemble a 30 Damage Burst Combo every single game, even if they are forced to send it against Taunts in some games.In terms of BDSM play, many dominants use over the knee spankings to dominate their submissive as it humiliates the submissive and allows the dominant full control.Spanking over the knee also prevents the spanker from 'mis-firing' and hitting the lower back or thighs.

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In Hearthstone, any deck that can deal 30 Damage or destroys the enemy hero from an empty battlefield at the start of your turn, which can achieve this every single game regardless of the order in which the deck was drawn and as long as the player survives, is an OTK deck.

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