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B«l, with all i Maa deductiui a, the abbot hdd a moat impoaing poai'ion. hud much social inttuenou and political coi, 'i rm- tion. This raisetake himself to his houw at lord, in Kent, and thore remain in confine- ment, while the arehbishopric was ]mt into the hands of a commission, with Ijiud at the head.

In Xnglaad the position of th .^bbot waa aapeeia Jly iaporta Bt ; for, introduced by monks, Engliah OMatiairily had Jkoa the fnt a monastic aapael. He was, however, restored to some degree of royal favour next year; but.

holds, if 1 holds f^^.^^^" ^'t'^ of OMur -ha U seize any land or nmtji f-,, « »i W)Uior. rlfi^, ihtr*ff\ or hailiia, unhaa thy aadawtaad tha kw of the land, and am wa U diapoaed to- obaarva it— —AD banoa who have f Donded atobeya, of whioh they have chartei» of the kinga of England, or andent tenure, ahall Lave the cuatody of them whe& they beoome vacant, M thy OB|^t to hava All fonato w UA haw been mada in our tin Mk dia U ha iau Mdh My d Ubreo M ; aad H M ba 80 done with banks which have been made in our tim^ in defiance.

^Nmther we nor our «• «.l Bcient for the Um«t 7L Zht' ^.''^ ^ of the debtor distrained, while the SS&^ t 1.77^ '""*^«» debtor^ ^P^and^nrrib -dr^^^^ : which they had before paid forhim unt^Jr""" "T^ to them for the de S » dis No ooneteble ■oow food men if lie cannot perform it himeeli for »MMonft M««i^ / " »^ s JSti.r Se.g SL^ •ar I™* ? du Ol take the hones or cart, of «y fraw Mn, to perform carriages, without the con«»t of the saidftlm^ Neither we, nor our bailiib, dia U take another t Itm Ma. ^All evil cuatoms of- fcreats and warrena, and of foreatera and wanren M% ahati A and their o Ooan^ water-banka and thair.

to u Tor L l^to T '""'^ '"^ •I'^I g«nted or «ld to any on Xe l^S,. •^on or waste, he'sball lo^ZZ^y^ ^t^^^t '^'^ ^^^^ ^ j^aii keep o S:'rho:^^i V:^«^*r'^^*«'^^ belonging to them, out of their i S^ -^T^ ""^ thin^ •tage whole estate p«vided Sou^ atfothe""'" *r ■ccordmg to what the rmmm r^ni Z. '^'"'^'^ husband's house forty days after his h ""^ « her "Signed.

™P'eniente of kutbandrr -^Hei„ Shan profit, of th, Unds ^ IS contracted, it d»U be aotifii Z^^TTT' "''i"" ^'"'^ ««» ■anguinity. Nowido;sh S1e^^u5^"'*'^^*^'''»ti"»e W live without a husban Hut^S^^e Ai S"^ "^^ »«.7 Wlf, without our con Si^tfshe hotfor' '^'^'J that she wi U not «-lord of whom d„. or of hi, bu unll the feeli ^^ « « cn^of th Tb Sc TS^T^.^*^''*^ We shall not hav^ the givi Tjg^^l^r^'^* ° ."^^y P***y -ergeantry which he hold, of by dna Jt J^rt * me peraon cr peraona who are attnffhml for the foreat We will not make men juatieiariea^ ~Tiata!

Ho rccofi^niscd Louis Philippe im- mediately ; ho refused to employ the English power to dispossess Don Miguel of the crown iif Turtug Hl ; and ho stronglv ohjecti'd to the Quadruple Alliance which laord Pal- mento B negotiated. Ho HHsisti'd in ciirrying the repeal of thet'orn Ij'.w a iind the commercial r^'formsof Peel, and on the death of that stiiti sman he became the aikn(;\vlcilgcd hoiid of his jwrty. tmvelled thane, Athenian Abenfcen," of li)-ron's Eif Vuh Burt U ami Settc A Jtnitwtr; was an a Gc Parliament by writ as ilcrgaveunv or Abergkrenny.

lar featm« in En^ish Chntch hiatorr VUie i Mshop was also abbot.

The power ol the | «vaned with the oilier to which h..

I but It was always very high In I thi-cry, OS the name denotes, it was paternal ■ I and, in early times, this paternal authority is aaabaetatep Mwr. 1633), Ai, bishop of Canterbury, 1611—1633, was Ui of humble parents in Guildford; studied Balliol College, Oxford, of which he becai fellow in 1.582 ; was elected Master of Ul versity College in 1.597, and made Dean Winchester in 1699, Bishop of Lichfield Ui09,and translated to the Stjc of London, 161 He owed bis appointment as archbishop (161 to his union of Calvinistic theology wrth a d sire to maintain the authority of the crown i ecclesiastical matters.

Um a MM( Waa NMrit cnoaen liy trq thamtmr of the mo BM- Banadtd, Um ahtol Minael with a U Aa to be tend M lofd M wan loved aa father. Such a porition coii cided with the wishes of James I.

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