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Changing account_name doesn't (currently) log you out, nor does it clear "password".If you change this and don't log in under the new account, it'll just have the wrong value, which will probably be ignored, but who knows.You can run "cpan -i WWW:: Myspace" as a cron job or before running your scripts, if appropriate, to make sure you have the latest version.The new method takes the following options, all of which are optional. Any option can be passed in a hash or hashref to the "new" method, and retreived or set using the appropriate accessor method below.

WWW:: provides methods to access your account and functions automatically.Sets or returns the account name (email address) under which you're logged in.Note that the account name is retreived from the user or from your program depending on how you called the "new" method.This module operates well within My Space's security measures.If you're looking for a spambot, this ain't it.

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First off, every time I go to the My Space site I think I’m logged in automatically, but I’m not, so the first step is to make sure you log in by entering your data in the login box about half-way down the right column: As you can see, I also have an outstanding friend request, so there’s a nice, cheery “New Friend Requests” to tell me that, like you, I have at least one friend request that I didn’t answer yet.