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But eventually, Peter Mac Kay was ready to go public about his new partner back in the fall of 2003, when the then-leader of the Progressive Conservatives revealed that he was in negotiations to marry the old Tory party with Stephen Harper and the Canadian Alliance.

And it was far from clear that their families would approve of their secret meetings.

(Photo by Wayne Cuddington) 110582 With all the furor over Mississauga MP Eve Adams’s decision to leave the Conservatives and join Justin Trudeau’s Liberals this week — and the implications of her relationship with Dimitri Soudas on the transaction — I was reminded of the original blog posts that first publicly identified them as a couple.

Back in November 2011, I was sharply criticized by Conservative supporters and many of my colleagues in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, who felt my blog post about the first sighting of the couple at a social event in Ottawa was mere gossip that ought not be reported.

Apparently, the two began dating several weeks ago, well after they both separated from their respective spouses.

Readers will recall that Soudas, 32, left his job in June after five years in the Prime Minister’s Office, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. Priority 1 my wife and 3 kids,” he said on Twitter.

When I had confirmed the details Wednesday morning, I spoke to my managing editor about whether we should do a story and, if we did, how we should present it.

I wasn’t at either event and didn’t hear about it until Tuesday afternoon, when I was tipped by someone who lives in another province, so far had the information traveled in a day.

Juginovic, 35, is a political science graduate from Simon Fraser University, who also studied journalism at Ryerson, and who has held a series of increasingly senior positions at CTV.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO: OCTOBER 5, 2012 -- MP Eve Adams (Parliamentary Secretary Veterans Affairs), helps sort food Friday along with Dimitri Soudas (R), Executive Director of Communications for the Canadian Olympic Committee, at the Ottawa Food Bank.

I’m reposting both items here for posterity, as the originals disappeared when the moved to a new blogging platform: Eyebrows were raised at the Gold Medal Plates culinary event in Ottawa on Monday when the prime minister’s former director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, showed up with a surprise date.

Soudas was accompanied by rookie Conservative MP Eve Adams, of Mississauga — Brampton South.

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After upsetting Liberal incumbent Navdeep Bains in Mississauga, Adams was appointed parliamentary secretary to Veterans Affairs minister Steven Blaney.

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