Lunar lotus festival dating sim walkthrough

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Expansion owners will love your guides to more exotic skills like martial arts, or the consignment shop.

Lifetime Wishes A list of all the Lifetime Wishes in The Sims 3, Late Night, and World Adventures.

Check the Guide to learn more and see if this town is right for you!

I have the following guides available: Island Paradise Expansion Pack Features Resort Management Mermaid Guide Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Skill Guide Scuba Levels and Skill Challenges Scuba Diving Spots, Treasure Chests, and Caves Collectible Sea Shells and Sea Life Finding Uncharted Islands Finding Map Fragments Lifeguard Lifetime Rewards for IP Friend of the Kraken Hotel Mogul Lungs of Steel Mermadic Kelp Permanent Mermaid Strong Stomach Uncharted Island Map Ricalynn has written a Guide to the Sims 3 Dragon Valley World.

It is fully featured and covers places in the town itself, Baby Dragons that are included with the World, a list of residents, and collectibles maps that will help you find all the rare things you need like Palladium, Pink Diamonds, and Alley Catfish to catch Angel Fish and reel in those Death Fish after midnight.

This EP also brings Unicorns, which are ridable just like horses though featuring some unique magical abilities.

The Sims 3 Generations Learn about the new activities offered to the various age groups in this Sims expansion pack.

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Learn about vampires, and how you can get your Sim into the hottest clubs.

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