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Lubwi dating

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. In Pmec it baa paased lliroiigli Ntsa ^^^be Kditintu in little more ihna • numy yean, and it luu b Mn ^PCffiilatad into Gtrmnn anil Sponiid). Tbn fiillflwinir p^icy «ip«ri Bi PDt U lion of ibo fo K* nt onbea Mid CAiuuig a li^ja U la Mwaw ■dal f Mi D.

You can search tlirough the full text of this book on the web at lilitp :/ /books . Tki* rvpntalion it doabtleatowc* to the clearacas and conctaeno K with which tlie pri Dct|x(t ptiymcal lav* and pbenoaaena an ax* phtavd, to it* methodical anangvnicnt, and to ifae exoe Uenca of ita i Siiatiatio Dit. A ntura Ud ■oluti Mi of mlpluito at n»c k A Bttrfow HMclwd bottle, uid a few dia)M of i MMlpikid* of au Md witb iodine, made to float en the aiu&oe.

Ia ma Jcing tlieu ^whi Jatbc waata of tbo gcottn] nador havo b Mnall Mldad , the nain objeci of the Editor ha* hc«n to naia the book more laaaiezt-book forti Mtctadcot ofphyneal Bcienoe. The aam^ experimeiti lada with two tqitsl piece* of ([lus which am poliahed and fcdf plane.

Aooordimgljr, ngarda oew matter, th« main additioos hare bees in tho M •nbjccta which are calcolaled to take a penuazieni pbce in elemcntaiy ia Mractioti. When tber are prnaed uni Md t: uyri w Brti OB (br e Ui Cidt Tii/ sctria SMd* br S*- Iteww H 17 mad Stt T k« fa«d ibr SJUVt TATKIK ASti HOUCn-U ATTUCTIOX.

Public domain books are our gateways lo the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Mwpau M tltf Wx M by (hmadu h Idtco fr«i luntc, no that tbcf •ndi Uiuna exactly equal ■■ far tm w M^t, fi Rii'*', and rt'Kutniim r wem onaoenwid.

Marks, notations and other niaiginalia present in the original volume will appeal' in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from Ihe publisher to a library and finally lo you. Tkui T o Mtllalittot w«ra prfanued iu cxactl* tin*.

an action andreactkui, to W, and thf tbiead u nid to f DHtaiu a tewion W.

If tho point about which the (uomectn arc inciunired be taken in tho diraclion of tho nw Dltant, it* moment with re«pocl to that point will h« mo ; and conanjueutlf the aum of the momenta with irapect to audi point will be lero. & tk Bd Sca«t Un.~W Ktrotcbcd by two equal fonxa, t U.

Tbaae wjtbeau am uuw ererywliiero gaining ground, •ad an apology t* ncarcclj needed fbr an innoration which aaj b«lp Id fami Uarise the Englt Wi Ntadunt with their nae in tba panual of rg«r and mom complele works on Phyncal Sdenet to which orit may serve aa nn introduction. The oltanttiaiui in (be preaent edtl Mo oompnae 57 page* of w Uiiioaal nwttcr, aad 49 now i Ui Htiatijoaa. Malao.— Tb« uolacular attraeiio D ox CTtod between bodioi in Mllrd im Umi W. If twnlnadan bullcta are cut akldft aa aa to form two «qaal and bri)clilly poliidini tatfuctm, tit f Kaa apa pre Mgd and lurnad aipunit tafb other until tlvy ilim O contact, thuj adhere m atmoirly a« to trquire a form lan 100 Krammnt lu aaparato tbem.

Some parts, too, wluch the esperience of tcacbcn had ia JK iri^*^ as b«isg treated with loo great brevity have been nxpandcd. , liquid* wt K for alo D)r lime ivpini Bd as bdnf ftoinplnti-ly inefimp Teaaible. r Mearvhes haro bam mad* on ihi" Mibj*ct by Tarioiw pbyiiristx, whirh liavn h Ii'Iwti that liqti Mii Ut h-ally eompre Mible.

TUi ia more eqceia Uj the coae with th« Book on Mechanics, tat • eoniplece reviaion of which the Editor ia indcbtod to hia oo Uc Rg^ne, fa Mwt. The appiualuii tiicd for meaiuri D); the compm Hiibility of liqulilf b« named the [lin Miiftrr (wiifai, I rominv**, ^par, measure). 47 in llie furui inveuled by Opnrtwl aa impni TMl HTMMMTATIC*.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. C^iil) Cbilion, ob Uti) anlt tnliqi^ tuvanu TKo ht a coiovkko nurs jaa t TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE XV THK FIHST EDITION. Thie is seen in tlin dmpi of drw on tbe Inav M of planta : it in also hvmi whirn n liquid is pluc^d on a «olid wbicb It doe» nc't uiniitirn : a*, for rinnip])-, niercury upon wood.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize Ihe world's information and lo make it universally accessible and useful. Ikl SUmt MU de Phytipu of Profanor Gakot, of wbicb the pra MM ^Bapk m m trwuhbom, luu aeqtiired a high reputatioa aa aa Intio* ^^Buio B to Plijne Bl Scwnee. Tbn ei- {wrinui Dt may ft Ui be madu with water, by fprinklin^ npmi tbv mtftevol Ught pamitr, Micb m Ij-tupodiiini or lanphlaek, Hid atf aoan wfttcf oa ii.

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