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Terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides are produced by interactions between secondary cosmic rays and near surface rocks.

Our research interests cover a wide spectrum of earth scientific disciplines and include timing of ice ages, subglacial erosion rates, uplift rates of Pleistocene terraces, and a better understanding of the production systematics of cosmogenic nuclides.

I hope to shed light on the spatial patterns of landscape change beneath icesheets and explore novel applications of cosmic ray-produced isotopes to understand earth surface processes.Personal Development and Developing Others ______________________________________________________________________________ • Establishment of the Cosmogenic Dating Laboratory at L-DEO.This facility consisting of several different labs to analyze cosmogenic radionuclides (10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, 53Mn, and 14C) and noble gases (3He in routine mode, 21Ne in exploration mode) has impact on a variety of disciplines within L-DEO and the outside community for studies in paleoclimate and climate change research, quantitative geomorphology, tectonics, structural geology, volcanology, natural hazards etc. Hemming), key #20091EESC4330W001; 2009; • Co-organizer and lecturer of the summerschool within the NSF funded project “Uplift and faulting at the transition from subduction to collision - a field and modeling study of the Calabrian Arc”, Sept 2008.Andrews, Scotland); (ii) Deirdre Commins (August 2003 – June 2005; now at Shell); (iii) Meredith Kelly (July 2004 – now Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College); (iv) Michael Kaplan (January 2006 – today); • Supervisor of Ph D student Brent Goehring (September 2006 – today); Co-supervisor of Ph D students Margaret Reitz (starts September 2007, Columbia University), Aaron Putnam (January 2006 – today, University of Maine), Naki Akcar (January 2002 – June 2006, University of Berne, Switzerland), Peter Oberholzer (January 2000 – July 2004, ETH Zuerich, Switzerland); and Masters students Alice Doughty and Sam Kelly (University of Maine).• Supervision of female undergraduate students Claire Lackner, Ashley Edwards, Rebecca Steinberg, Mikah Mc Cabe (all Columbia University); mentoring female postdoctoral research scientists Meredith Kelly, Deirdre Commins, and female L-DEO staff associate Roseanne Schwartz; • Supervision of High School Students within the ‘Lamont-Doherty Secondary School Field Program’ between L-DEO and several New York City public high schools.

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Our CRONUS page contains more information and useful data from the project.

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