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Material covered includes: • Installation of the tape system in system cabinets • Checkout procedures and requirements • Interconnection of the tape and data systems • Principles of design and operation • Module replacement and adjustment. LETTER DESCRIPTION DATE APPROVAL A Original publication 5/70 B To reflect basic product re-design 9/70 C Update all sections with particular emphasis on Section VI and Appendix B 10/71 D Update all Sections 2/72 E Changed pages - Title Page, i V, IV-3, IV-9, VI-30, VI-31, VI-34, VI-39, VI-44, VI-47, VI-50, VI-58, VI-59, VI-60, VI-61, updated drawings to latest revision 6/72 F Changed pages - Title Page, vii, II-7, IV-2, A-3. Deleted pages - 1-6, 1-7 Changed pgs : 1-4, VI-61, Updated 12/73 Appendixes A & B v TABLE OF CONTENTS Page SECTION I.GENERAL DESCRIPTION I-l 1 "D n ., , i- ;;e;~ if-,,;,.;.;,,;!?Other conditions will es require the operator to rewind the tape by pressing the REWIND pushbutton on the operator control panel. When the beginning -of -tape marker reaches the photosense unit, the rewind will be ended, and the tape unit will advance the tape until the reflective marker is at the photo- sense head.TO UNLOAD THE TAPE, push the REWIND pushbutton again.Operator's Control Panels II - 6 POWER This is a combination pushbutton switch and indicator .The indicator is on when regulated power has been supplied to the Mod 10, For the convenience of the maintenance or customer engineer, a power switch is provided on the power supply chassis at the rear of the machine.It is accessible only when the tape unit is swung open for service.

The passage of the tape through the slot causes the small shield over the head assembly to move away from the head.After this sequence of operations is completed the switch becomes functionally disabled and can only be re-enabled by loss of tape tension.ON LINE This is a combination pushbutton switch and indicator.In the following list, the other operator control functions and indicators (Figure 4) are described, with a review of those already mentioned: II-5 POWER LOAD JIreverse I I FORWARD I ^^ ^ FILE I protect!II FORWARD^ RESET j[ POWER I LOAD I ON LINE [rewind [ l? 0TECT1 FORWARD EED C Uf Ji T SELECT (A) Standard (B) Density Option (C) Unit Select Option Figure 4.

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The LOAD light will go out when the tape is advanced from the load point or rewound.

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