Invalidating people

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Invalidating people

Sure, some want to help, and for those people I’m really grateful.Those are the people who really don’t say much at all, but allow me the space to talk while they listen. For the other people, when I try to explain that my depression has me feeling suicidal, do not tell me that I am ungrateful for life or that I should be thankful for what I have. I have a house over my head, but that head is full of dark horrors and trauma.“The average used car buyer could find there are modifications they’re simply not aware of.“Typically, modifications are anything which isn’t standard on a car, which could include alloy wheels, a satellite navigation system or even tinted windows – so it’s always worth checking what the factory standard is for your model of car to avoid landing in hot water when it comes to making a claim.” Mr Oliver added: “Under two percent of drivers are claiming to have car modifications, but we estimate this figure to be much greater, which leaves potentially millions of drivers open to invalidating their insurance and having their claims rejected.Of course, you can easily opt out at any time, but we're confident that you won't.

Second-hand car buyers, in particular, are being warned to check that their car meets its original specification as previous owners may have made modifications they are simply not aware of.

Most have not lived with depression, nor any mental illness, yet they are incredibly vocal about ways I can get better. Yes, maybe the novel does follow a boy with depression, or a housebound woman like myself, but I am connecting with these characters and for a small moment, I am invested in something other than my own existential crisis.

From the bare basics, such as the clutter in my home, to my entire catalog of books standing proudly on their bookcases, someone always thinks they know how to cure my depression. I read all kinds of books: self-help, YA issue books, fantasy and sci-fi.

Millions of motorists could be unknowingly taking to the roads without valid insurance due to a simple mistake.

Insurers require owners to tell them of any modifications to their cars but research has suggested only a tiny proportion of people are doing so, either deliberately to keep costs down or because they don’t realise they have to.

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Please do not ask or criticize me for needing to take antidepressants and anti-psychotics.