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Instant free sex chat 100 no sign upin my area

That same night we found another house locked from the inside, bullet holes all over the walls and 'please god help us' written over and over on the wall in arabic, the words were written in red ink, and I swear to god, one of the words was dripping wet red down the wall.

Our interpreter said it was a bad place and we noped the fuck back to the COP as quickly as possible.

What was strange was that this room had a door that was locked from the inside.

It was a sheet metal door with a hand latch on the inside which you could lock with a padlock.

The whole area (about 3 city blocks) had been a christian neighborhood before the fall of Saddam, but after law and order broke down completely, the christians were either forced out or murdered.

We got the fuck out of there as quickly as we could.

The strangest part was that it was locked with a padlock, and dead bolted from the inside, but there was absolutely no other way out beside the door.. We never figured that one out, but I still think about it all the time.

2.) OPSEC guys, I will try to be specific, but will be leaving out specific dates and places. Anyway, like The title says, I was in the Army for 10 years.

During that time I traveled all over the world for deployments and training ops.

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We were just going from building to building at night checking things out.

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