How to deal with intimidating

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How to deal with intimidating

Additionally, the survey found that 61 percent of bullies were in a superior position, often the direct boss of the target.

Unlike stereotypical “schoolyard” incidents, bullying in the office is more often verbal and psychological than it is physical.

, about one out of every five Americans that were interviewed had either been the target of bullying or had witnessed it.

When reviewing who was being bullied, about 60 percent of targets were female, while about 70 percent of those bullying were male.

Additionally, it’s best to do this so your company can keep an accurate record of when the behavior was first brought to their attention, and how it was handled by staff and the target (you).

From there, the company can decide how to act: whether they should coach the bully into turning their behavior into a more constructive asset that focuses on their work (and stop targeting individuals), or if they should follow through with firing the individual for their behavior.

Popular culture has certainly relegated bullying to the playground and the classroom.

Often times the target is a veteran of the workplace.

Whatever the case, the fault is not on the victim, and the behavior of the bullier must be addressed.

It can also extend outside of the office — such as on social media — which can make it tricky for a Although every situation will be different, many cases of office bullying can be boiled down to a simple explanation: the bullier felt threatened by the victim in some way and lashed out.

It could be that the victim is more skilled, brings in a new perspective, or is more liked by their peers than the bully is.

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Your company might be able to offer you alternatives (such as switching managers or departments) in order to keep you there and improve your environment.