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Hermafrodite sex dating

A newborn boy may be born with a scrotum that is shaped like a labia.

Another description, once defined as a true hermaphrodite, is applied to individuals born with sex glands that are made up of testicular as well as ovarian tissue.

Infants born with ovotestes often appear to have normal looking female or male genitalia, while some appear to have genitals that appear to be a combination of both.

Medical science has discovered that individuals who may have at one time been described as a hermaphrodite can actually be born with multiple female and male sex organ variations.

For instance, a newborn girl may be born without a vaginal opening or may be born with an enlarged clitoris, which may appear to be a small penis.Today, doctors more commonly refer to this intersex condition as ovotestes.Some people may have two ovotestes or may have just one that is paired with another ovary.Beyond visible features, other physical characteristics may also cause a person to be defined as intersex, such as the chromosomal differences apparent in Klinefelter syndrome where a male is born with two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome.The hermaphrodite label is not only applied to humans, but is often used to describe certain plant species, as well as other animals that possess both sex organs.

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Some, such as the Intersex Society of North America, consider hermaphrodite to be an outdated and inaccurate description of intersex individuals.