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There's Basic/Advanced/Complete/Premium/Free you use your computer for many purposes like password manager/device/online shopping/optimization/parental controls/data shield and backup/control your smartwatch, and etc I suggest you go for the complete protection,advanced, premium.

It's your choice and before you choose one It will show you which version of Panda antivirus is right for you.

But remember every antivirus software ain't 100% so I suggest you have Malware Bytes Antimalware installed.

If you use your computer just for browsing, need wifi-protection (protect your wireless network against hackers and intruders, protection from hackers, protection from online fraud, secure communication (Secure your wifi network) I suggest you go for Panda Cloud Basic (Pro version) protection because it gives you good value for money.

It is your computer and it is your choice of which antivirus you want to get.

They'll be surveying the border where there's no official crossing and they're well within their rights to do so.

However, I don't know why they deny that it's tied in with immigration." "When someone reports suspicious activity, the message goes to a server, and is then passed on to designated locations, which decide if a response is certified. In the first 48 hours of the project we had 200,000 alerts.

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I didn't see all of them but there was one case, for example, of movement in an isolated area. It could have been foot traffic, going to check on a stash. it turned out that we didn't find any wrongdoing there. If we encounter a person we suspect is undocumented, then we pass them on to the federal authorities.