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In this article, you will learn how to install Let’s Encrypt in Go Daddy with an online tool called Zerossl. The trick to getting this to work with Plesk is to fill out the online Form on Go Daddy under “Secure Your Site” and let Go Daddy create the Certificate Request (CSR).I’m using Godaddy, but this should work on Host Gator or any other hosting provider that has c Panel. In this article, for c Panel you are having Zero SSL create that.After I got all of my SSL keys and pasted them into the text boxes under the SSL manager in c Panel, it told me that my IP address was “not bound”.

And you only see “SSL Certificates” which means it’s a paid SSL Certificate.Guess you need to have some actual content to secure, before you can secure it.Hope that helps somebody.”“I had a problem during installation that others might encounter as well.A workaround would be to use a CDN like Cloudflare which comes with it. But Cloudflare would act like a layer in front of your hosting.It’s free until a certain limit of traffic, so if you have low traffic site this might work for you. Here is a video of how to install Cloudflare on Word Press.

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Under “Domains”, click on the “DNS” button to the right of the domain name you want to install the SSL certificate for.

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