Girl dating a shorter guy entourage validating and copying link data

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Girl dating a shorter guy

It has become cool to decry dating, to make self-deprecating jokes about love lives and how many bad dates you’ve had to endure.

But love does not demand that you lose weight, change how you look or do anything of that sort in order for you to the relationship you desire.

Once I shook myself from that belief, my love life opened up to many different experiences that were evidence to the power of my manifestation.

When I believed I was inadequate because of being single, all I saw was my inadequacy.

We, as humans, do not know what we want, nor what will make us happy.

Most times we create those lists about our dream person it’s based off an amalgamation of what we think we want and what society has told us to want.

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Sometimes, the truth is that you may not be ready for that at any given moment in time. You could be too susceptible to lose yourself inside a relationship, rather than keep your independence.

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