Gemini and sagittarius dating compatibility Sexy chat cez skype

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Gemini and sagittarius dating compatibility

The Sagittarius man’s constant quest for adventure excites the Gemini woman’s curiosity, while the Gemini woman’s playful, mercurial nature is very appealing to the straightforward, good-humored Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius man Gemini woman compatibility is full of love, laughter and good-natured teasing, and this couple seem to be eternally young, no matter how old they actually are.

When their freedom is curtailed, both partners quickly become upset.

In the end, Sagittarius man Gemini woman compatibility may fall down not because of the couple’s basic natures, but because they simply cannot organize themselves properly to deal with the day to day necessities of life.

The Air and the Fire bring a lot of energy to this union, and this can get overwhelming for some.Sagittarius man Gemini woman compatibility is actually one of the strongest of the opposite sign matches in the zodiac, simply because this couple are alike enough to genuinely “get” each other, but different enough to complement each other. The Gemini woman can teach the Sagittarius man how to communicate his ideas better, capturing his visions with him and turning them into mercurial gold.The Sagittarius man can show the Gemini woman how to focus and direct her energies towards what she really wants. When it comes to sexual compatibility, this couple do have the magnetism of the opposite sign effect, but the Gemini woman is rather cooler in her affections than the passionate Sagittarius man.In order to make the ugly times crop up as little as possible, this couple will need to nurture and cherish their common ground.The good news is that there is a lot of that between these two mutable signs.

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Neither the Sagittarius man nor the Gemini woman are overly jealous, so this could work.

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