Free adult site no credit card

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Free adult site no credit card

Thanks to a new federal law, free credit freezes are available to everyone from your infant to your great-grandmother.

And on the first day that kiddie freezes (and here, kids are 15 and under) were mandated, I froze the files of my two daughters just to see how badly things would go. But I had some questions for the credit reporting companies, and I tried to anticipate the things that might confuse you, too.

Children Credit Freeze Pages• Equifax• Experian• Trans Union Each of the credit bureaus has instructions on its website.

Experian and Equifax both have forms they want you to fill out, so complete one for each child.There may be a charge for the use of such services.Any such charges are separate to and are not covered by the Heritage Card.An Experian spokesman acknowledged that it could make people uncomfortable and said handling the documents another way was “an area of opportunity” the company could explore.But he also said that plenty of people mailed these kinds of documents to the government, health care organizations and the courts, and that the company had a secure post office box that was not at risk for theft. I blew off the instructions just to see what would happen. Just to be sure, I circled back to Equifax and Trans Union about the addresses, and both companies say your request won’t be misdirected if you leave “freeze” out of the address. It wasn’t clear to me, either, so I tried it both ways with different bureaus — separate envelopes to two and one envelope to the third — and both approaches worked.

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